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FileMaker File Comparison

Getting Started

FMComparison works with Save As XML format. To start, choose two files to compare.

You can modify the comparison settings to focus on what you are most interested in. Choose from 4 different comparison models.

You can save your settings as a preset to use later. Once you've got your settings ready, view the comparison.


Included with FMPerception

You get the best analysis tool AND the best diffing tool

Using FMComparison

Once FMComparison imports and processes the XML files, all of the changes are listed for you to explore. Color coding makes it clear what's new, what's changed, and what has been removed.


Here are just a few of the things you can do with FMComparison:

  • See changes in a field calculation definition
  • Quickly find deleted scripts
  • View changes in the script order and the Relationships Graph
  • Discover if passwords have changed


FMComparison is included for free with FMPerception.


You will need a FMPerception license to use FMComparison. You can get one here.

Download FMComparison below.


Check out the documentation to learn how to get the most out of FMComparison.

The Claris platform offers a professional low code experience, providing you with the flexibility to create what you need when you need it. FMPerception helps you manage the complexity of your FileMaker solution, by giving you the information about your system, when you need it; allowing you to stay in the flow.
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