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Version history

Version 1.0

Future Ideas

  • Export (single huge chunk of JSON)
  • Flat-file/CSV export coming in the future — Ignore next serial seed — Pre-populate both file pickers from last path
  • Keyboard navigation – We’d like to add further key commands with the intention of allowing mouseless navigation of the comparison results.
  • Full-Screen details – We hope to better support users with smaller displays by allowing users to view the Details column full-screen once an element has been selected.
  • Suppressing unedited properties – We’d like the user to be able to show only the changed properties in the details, rather than all properties with the changed ones highlighted.
  • Running only a portion of the diff – We hope to allow the user to indicate when they only care about changes to scripts, or layouts, or custom functions. This should hopefully result in faster comparison.
  • Suppressing irrelevant changes – When you change the name of a field, FileMaker updates the definition of every element that references that field, and this causes the item to appear as “changed”. Our future intention is to make FMComparison be able to isolate these changes such that items changed only because another item was renamed will not appear as changes.
  • Dark Mode – ‘Nuff said.
  • …and lots of other cool stuff.