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Software Requirements

  • FileMaker Pro 19 or higher
  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • Windows 10 or higher


FMComparison requires an FMPerception license with active support. Think of FMComparison as a new feature of FMPerception, housed in a new application.

With the FMComparison 1.0 launch, we have reset all expired trials of FMPerception. This means you will be able to activate a new, fully-functional 14-day trial, which will now include FMPerception and FMComparison.

FMComparison is intended as companion tool to FMPerception. There are currently no plans to sell it independently of FMPerception.

Welcome to the birth of the FMPerception Suite!


  • FMComparison does not use the Database Design Report (DDR) XML as FMPerception does. FMComparison uses the XML produced by FileMaker's Tools —> Save a Copy as XML… menu item.
  • FMComparison compares single database files at a time. If you need to compare multiple files, they can be run concurrently, but each will need to be run independently in its own window.
  • I fully anticipate releasing many updates in the coming weeks, so if you regularly have restricted internet access or no internet access, you may want to wait a while before getting involved in the beta. If you can’t regularly access the update server and the registration server, your experience may suffer.
  • FMComparison likes screen real-estate. Blow that window up!